Saturday, March 03, 2018

Madison Art Society Members' Shows and Events

The Madison Art Society engages many Shoreline citizens in a vigorous exercise of their artistic talents. This past February marked the 43RD Annual Member’s Show.  Stuart Lerner from Stuart Lerner Gallery, Madison, Connecticut received the People’s Choice award for his metal sculpture titled “Basket of Deplorables.” It was constructed by found objects including various kinds of metal. Stuart’s metal sculptures can be seen around the Connecticut shoreline.  Close to one hundred pieces of art were on display at that event and many guests from local communities voted. Every time a painting is sold in the E.C. Scranton Memorial Library, who hosts our shows, a percentage is given to the library fund.
Basket of Deplorables

Madison Art Society members are active in displaying art in many places around the community. Friend’s and Company, a restaurant in Madison, currently has 20 paintings on their walls for March and April.  Whenever you visit the Madison Town Hall you will see a dozen paintings on display for two months at a time. It’s the work of two different artists each month. We aren’t finished yet. The Society sponsored a painting demonstration and art critique last month and there are many more on the calendar. Townsfolk attend these events free of charge. 

From January through March some Society members are engaged in a winter studio held at St. Andrews Episcopal Church to prepare art for the festivals already on the calendar for spring and summer .During late spring and into autumn Art Society members dot the Shoreline landscape with their easels and produce beautiful landscapes. The sale of this art bring spring and summer thoughts into many homes during the long winter months with a sensitive reflection of those warm sunny days.

Many of the Madison Art Society members are fresh talent having just begun their art experience and yet many others have sold a number of pieces of art and have web sites. There are experts in every area including oil, pastel, acrylic and watercolor. Some artists specialize in creating abstract art and collage and others prefer realism. At every show at least one sculpture is on display. Art appreciation is alive and well on the Shoreline and the Madison Art Society is thrilled to participate. 

Contact information: Marge Casey 203-458-8555

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