Thursday, May 03, 2018

Madison Art Society announces the winners of the 43rd Annual Jury Show Exhibition and Sale

The E.C. Scranton Library, 801 Boston Post Road, Madison, CT is home to the Madison Art Society's 43rd Annual Jury Show and sale of 87 paintings including all types and styles of art with $3,000.00 in prizes awarded. Over one hundred and twenty-five Shoreline artists both members and non members entered the show. 
First Prize went to Madison Art Society member Joan McPherson for a watercolor; "San Diego, Downtown View." The Second Prize winner is Sunil Howlander with the Third Prize going to  Isabel Lane.
Joan McPherson, watercolor;
"San Diego, Downtown View." 
A number of additional awards provided by area businesses included the following winners: Bill Colrus, Mike Eagle, Linda DeStatnis, Jim Grabowski, Bob Dietz, Christine Drago, Joe Roberti, Patricia Seekamp, Laurel Friedmann, Joan Wallace and Eileen Eder. 
The judge for this exceptionally beautiful show was Bob Noreika an accomplished award winning artist and illustrator. The show and sale is open to the public during library hours.

Contact Information: Marge Casey 203-458-8555 

Monday, April 30, 2018

Madison Art Society 43rd Annual Juried Show 2018

Congratulations to all those who were accepted into the Madison Art Society 43rd Annual Juried Show for 2018.  The juror commented that there were so many beautiful works that it was a challenge to choose.  We had 125 entries and 86 accepted. Thanks to all the artists who participated and to the wonderful volunteers who gave up their Saturday and Sunday this past weekend to make this a truly beautiful show.
Selected works should be picked on May 25/26. Non-selected work should be picked up this week in the 2nd floor History Room of the library.
Marge V. Casey
MAS President

1. Terry Bogan Tulip Rhythm–watercolor 400
2. Anthony Scala Eleshark Mountain–acrylic 300
3. Judith Meyers Alla Prima Ballerina–oil 1300
4. Randi Kahrl Copper and Brass–oil 995
5. Judith Gay In His Element–watercolor 575
6. Margaret Dean Still Life with Hen–oil 450
7. Laurel B Friedman Nimbus–pastel/acrylic 450
8. Beverly Schirmeier Winter Warmth–pastel 1200
9. Richard Raicik Backpack Trail–watercolor 595
10. Paul Loescher On the Hammonasset River–w/c 800
11. Eileen Eder Thomas Oyster House–oil 1250
12. Anne Coffey Man Plans–mixed media 350
13. Maryanne Rupp Edge of November–pastel 800
14. Jim Durkin Sharp Shinned Hawk–watercolor 350
15. Ellen Lerner Tom–oil 325
16. Mark Langdale Hough My Lucy–graphite 400
17. Lois Ramunni Portrait–mosaic/mixed 275
18. Layne Building Blocks–oil 800
19. Martha Reisman Three Women Dancing–collage 750
20. Denise Gaffney Hartz Blue–acrylic 950
21. Marilee B.Noonan Dad's Violin–oil 350
22. Stuart Alan Lerner Chaos In the City/calm on the farm–metal found objects 750
23. Earl Killeen Cuttlefish watercolor 1400
24. Nancy Schwam My Eddy–watercolor 650
25. Molly McDonald Backyard–mixed 250
26. Polly Castor Carpe Diem–pastel 750
27. Stewart Byron New England Spirits–mixed 1600
28. Elena Gerard Neil's Quiet Moment–charcoal & chalk 550
29. Bob Ferraro A Star Is Born–oil 600
30. Sandra Kensler News–oil 600
31. Diane Chandler Khmer's Daughter–oil 700
32. Robert Dietz Field Shadows–pastel 700
33. Mike Eagle From The Manisses –watercolor 1200
34. Phyllis Bevington Staley's Tree Farm –oil 450
35. Sunil Howlader The Shepard –acrylic 3400
36. Annette Pompano Circle of Life –acrylic 1000
37. Nancy Armstrong Evanescence –oil 300
38. Bill Colrus Ready to Go –acrylic 1600
39. Keiko Kaiser At the Dock - Port Clyde –w/c 280
40. Janine Robertson Rolling In The Deep –oil 1800
41. Jill Heathman Totem –acrylic 485
42. Denise Casey Lieutenant River –acrylic 175
43. Joe Roberti Golden Cane Palm –watercolor 800
44. John Copelin Two Buildings in Tuscany – watercolor/collage 800
45. Susan Gillie Path At Giverny –acrylic 600
46. L. Boisvert DeStefanis Lotus Rising II –oil 1650
47. Christine Drago Stepping Out –watercolor 475
48. Claudia Van Ness Sunflowers In a Vase –watercolor 300
49. Sara Drought-Nebel Core –acrylic 350
50. Melissa Imossi Searching For Crabs –oil 350
51. Isabel Lane Cat Boat, Block Island –oil 700
52. Linda Thomas Highstead Meadow - Monarch Migration –acrylic 2000
53. Wendy R. Kohli Peace –acrylic 125
54. Mary Laforge June Delight –watercolor 800
55. Judy Perry Swirl Too –pastel 775
56. Hilary Griffin Umbrellas Up –watercolor 250
57. Joan Bernard Inspiration Point –pastel 350
58. Karen Weisner Autumns Palette –pastel 600
59. Joan Wallace Osprey Nests –oil 850
60. Patricia Seekamp Enders Falls –pastel 800
61. Liane Philpotts On the Trail –oil 400
62. Linda Beagle Quiet Morning–oil 575
63. Jim Grabowski Dream Forest –mixed 1200
64. Richard McKillip The Headland –watercolor 250
65. Roy Wrenn Salt Marsh –acrylic 600
66. Bruce Lighty Up a Creek With a Paddle–w/c 475
67. Pamela Morgan Underwater Garden –watercolor 1200
68. Ralph Acosta Sturgeon –watercolor 2000
69. Lisa Defillippo Lean on Me –oil 850
70. Muci Clemens Dapper Havana Trumpeter –oil 2000
71. Cheryl Sorensen Fifty Shades of Earl Grey –oil 400
72. William Seekamp Transitory Tower –oil 1000
73. Madeline Coakley Journey –pastel 250
74. Deborah Greco Hammonasset Marsh No. 2 –pastel 175
75. Steven Plaziak Elm Spring Farm –watercolor 650
76. Bill Hosking Waterfall –acrylic 175
77. Cathy Weiss Reflections on Main Street –mixed 180
78. Debbie Temple Brain Freeze –pastel 900
79. Don Watson Sailors Delight –watercolor 300
80. Jo Dongweck Bee Candy –watercolor 225
81. Joan Mcpherson San Diego, Down Town –watercolor 650
82. Maureen Wilkinson Colors of the Island –watercolor 300
83. Cindy Taylor Men at East Wharf –watercolor 300
84. Diane Stone Burst of Light –oil 225
85. Nancy Chapman Beach Boss –acrylic 300
86. Melanie Ward Vista #67 –oil 600

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Madison Art Society announces Town Hall Artists for May and June

During the months of May and June the Madison Art Society will feature  the works of Marlene Sicuranza and Nancy A. Chapman at the Madison Town Hall Campus in Madison, Connecticut. Each artist will display at least six pieces of  work. 

Marlene Sicuranza
Marlene Sicuranza, of Westbrook, is a member of the Clinton Art Society, the Essex Art Society, and an elected member of the Madison Art Society. As a young artist she studied oil painting with Bissell Phelps Smith and years later her interest turned to watercolor while she was a student at the Old Lyme Art Academy in the late
Bouquet of Flowers, Watercolor
Fifteen years ago Marlene began studying the medium once again with well known artists Jessie Hull Mayer, Lou Bonamarte and more recently, Robert Noreika.

Nancy A. Chapman
Nancy A. Chapman enjoys working in the drawing mediums of pastel, acrylic, colored pencil and watercolor. All things outdoors in the natural world are inspirations for her work.The ocean's power and motion and the fleeting light as the moment's pass on the landscape are her challenge. 
Spindrift, acrylic
Nancy prefers working in a small scale as most of her work is in the range of 12' x 6" or smaller. She is self taught with the exception of instruction by pastel artist Judith Geith and is a member of the Madison Art Society and the Guilford Art League.

Contact information: Marge Casey 203-458-8555

Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Madison Art Society announces an Art History Lecture with Will Lustenader, artist and lecturer, who will discuss the birth of Impressionist Art through the works of Cezanne and Degas.


On Thursday May 17, 2018; 6:30 PM- 7:30 PM Will Lustenader will present an art history lecture at the E.C. Scranton Memorial Library, 801 Boston Post Road, Madison, Connecticut. He is a professional artist and adjunct professor of art history currently teaching at Sacred Heart University, Albertus Magnus College, Gateway Community College and Choate Rosemary Hall boarding school. He was educated at Vassar College and The Courtauld Institute of Art, and the University of London where he received his graduate degree in art history. He has been exhibiting his art since his teenage years in Rochester, New York, and eventually mentored with the renowned realist painter, Nelson Shanks in Philadelphia. After a brief stint with the Wildenstein Galleries in NYC, Will devoted his career to painting. He is presently represented by the Fred Giampietro Gallery in New Haven, CT. His work has been shown in Europe and many venues across the country, including The New Britain Museum of American Art, The San Diego Art Institute, The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, The Neuberger Museum, and The Brad Cooper Gallery in Tampa Florida.
"Ballet Dancer" 1887, Edgar Degas

AT ODDS WITH NATURE is the title of his lecture. He will take a look into the history of early modernism and the birth of Impressionist art.  Two social introverts Edgar Degas and Paul Cezanne, who became reluctant companions in a quest for finding truth in nature, are the subjects of this lecture. It is through their work that we learn of the diversity and evolution of this period of art. 

Degas was a master of line, mood, and movement and he possessed a fundamentally radical approach in recording his observations of the outside world. Degas would often repackage them in the studio to suit his grander

"Still Life with Plaster Cast" by Paul Cezanne
subject. Cezanne, on the other hand, created spatial relationships based on what he knew about an object in nature, and not on how it actually appeared to the eye.  Both men were difficult personalities with surprising life interests and prejudices beyond their respective studios. In spite of this they formed the necessary balance of extremes that essentially created the backbone of  modernism into the early 20 th century while supporting the interests of fellow artists who chose distinctly different paths. These Impressionist/Post Impressionist artists were at odds with each other, of course. Some were very talented, others not so much. While there were many unsung names represented in pivotal exhibitions  Will Lustenader sees Cezanne and Degas as the two bookends in these turbulent years of early modernism.

Will offers an invigorating lecture based on his vast training and experience in art history. This lecture is free and open to the public.

Contact information: Marge Casey 203-458-8555

Monday, April 16, 2018

Madison Art Society announces a Poetry Reading Event with The Guilford Poet's Guild and The Connecticut River Poets

On Wednesday, May 16 at 6:30 PM the Madison Art Society, the Guilford Poet's Guild and for the first time this year The Connecticut River Poets from Old Saybrook will present a very special event.

The Guilford Poets is a group of poets from the shoreline area and Guilford who meet regularly to share poems and promote an appreciation of poetry in the community. The Connecticut River Poets was formed in Old Saybrook by Pat O'Brien.
"The Bay of Funday, Looking North" Mike Eagle

Poets will read aloud poems they have written about a chosen painting from the 43rd Annual Juried Show being held at the E.C. Scranton Memorial Library, 801 Boston Post Road, Madison, Connecticut. Individual poets choose a piece of art that inspires them to write.  

The poems are sometimes funny or poignant and are read with flair and drama by the poets themselves. The art that inspired the poem is displayed during the reading. The event is free and open to the public. Artist's whose work has been chosen have likened it to winning an award. Come and meet the artists and poets.

Contact information: Marge Casey 203-458-8555

Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Madison Art Society announced it's 43rd Annual Juried Show and Exhibition and Sale

The Madison Art Society will hold its 43rd Annual Juried Exhibition and sale April 30- May 25, 2018 at the E.C. Scranton Memorial Library, 801 Boston Post Road, Madison. The exhibition, open to all Connecticut fine artists over the age of 18, features work in all media.

Submitted works will be selected for exhibition by noted artist Robert Noreika. He is a graduate of Paier College of Art and a prominent national award winning artist and illustrator. His paintings hang in both corporate and private collections throughout the United States, Europe, and Japan. He is featured in "100 Artists of New England" by Schiffer Publishing. He is represented in numerous galleries and teaches and lectures throughout New England. He has illustrated several children's books and magazine editorials.

The opening reception and awards ceremony will be Sunday, May 6 from 1:30- 3:30 PM. The reception is a good time to meet the artists, see the exhibit, and support local art.

The Madison Art Society thanks the members of the Madison business community who donated awards and prizes for the show. Their support is greatly appreciated by the artists. 

Contact Information: Marge Casey 203-458-8555

Saturday, March 03, 2018

Madison Art Society Members' Shows and Events

The Madison Art Society engages many Shoreline citizens in a vigorous exercise of their artistic talents. This past February marked the 43RD Annual Member’s Show.  Stuart Lerner from Stuart Lerner Gallery, Madison, Connecticut received the People’s Choice award for his metal sculpture titled “Basket of Deplorables.” It was constructed by found objects including various kinds of metal. Stuart’s metal sculptures can be seen around the Connecticut shoreline.  Close to one hundred pieces of art were on display at that event and many guests from local communities voted. Every time a painting is sold in the E.C. Scranton Memorial Library, who hosts our shows, a percentage is given to the library fund.
Basket of Deplorables

Madison Art Society members are active in displaying art in many places around the community. Friend’s and Company, a restaurant in Madison, currently has 20 paintings on their walls for March and April.  Whenever you visit the Madison Town Hall you will see a dozen paintings on display for two months at a time. It’s the work of two different artists each month. We aren’t finished yet. The Society sponsored a painting demonstration and art critique last month and there are many more on the calendar. Townsfolk attend these events free of charge. 

From January through March some Society members are engaged in a winter studio held at St. Andrews Episcopal Church to prepare art for the festivals already on the calendar for spring and summer .During late spring and into autumn Art Society members dot the Shoreline landscape with their easels and produce beautiful landscapes. The sale of this art bring spring and summer thoughts into many homes during the long winter months with a sensitive reflection of those warm sunny days.

Many of the Madison Art Society members are fresh talent having just begun their art experience and yet many others have sold a number of pieces of art and have web sites. There are experts in every area including oil, pastel, acrylic and watercolor. Some artists specialize in creating abstract art and collage and others prefer realism. At every show at least one sculpture is on display. Art appreciation is alive and well on the Shoreline and the Madison Art Society is thrilled to participate. 

Contact information: Marge Casey 203-458-8555